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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Keoki. We are a family of four- Beatrice, wanderluster, married to Matt, a proper Eco Warrior since the 1980s, with 2 children aged 10 and 13. During lockdown, whilst going spare like everyone else, we wanted to do something for the environment. Many fantastic new eco products and iniatives are emerging, but one key thing that striuck us as missing was that there were not many eco-friendly gifts available. What can you offer to a loved one that isn't bad for their health or the seas?

That's how Keoki was born- to provide beautiful sustainable products and gifts to help in the flight to protect our seas and our climate. 

Our aim is to show that style and sustainability can be successfully combined.

Beatrice cosying up to our lovely fluffy natural pampas grass

Our hope is that the more of us who change even the smallest things in the way we live, the more the world can change for the better as a whole. Beautiful eco alternatives avoid 8 billion plastic products in the ocean- from toothbrushes to much larger products.

Our mission at Keoki is to give you inspiration and desire for stylish eco alternatives, that are better than what is currently on offer, plus ideas for lovely luxurious sustainable gifts- without the associated plastic or CO2 guilt. Keoki aims for Better Goods. 

"Change does not require you to do a complete 180° turn. At Keoki, we believe that lasting change is incremental"

So what does that mean in practice? It means that we select our products for their sustainable elements, either they are biodegradable, compostable, made of natural materials, such as grasses and sustainable types of wood, or because they encourage a healthier and more sustainable way of living. And because they look amazing. We are also working towards sourcing more and more local products.  When we do have to ship, we try to find the most environmentally friendly way of shipping.

Change does not require you to do a complete 180° turn. At Keoki, we believe that lasting change is incremental and finds its way in tiny little steps. Why buy a plastic cover for your phone when you can buy a compostable one, why buy a plastic pot scourer when you can buy a coconut fibre one? Why buy a soot-producing candle when you can buy a beautiful rechargeable one? Just starting to change one of these things is an enormous step in the right direction. All it takes is to start. The more of us who do so will make change happen.

"Let's turn the tide of what we use in our daily lives towards a carbon neutral world"

Having seen the documentaries about plastic in the seas, and the impact of our carbon intense way of life on the climate, we are simply rearing to start turning the tide of what we use in our daily lives, and to work towards a carbon neutral world. 

We are just starting our mission by curating sustainable products from a range of different sources- our own suppliers and our own inventory. As we grow the company, we aim to work increasingly directly with more brands we believe in -and to stay away from the big Amazons of this world. 



Right from the start, we would love your help and input: if you see sustainable products you think we should list, do tell us. We are bound to make a ton of mistakes but our aim is to get started and improve things as we go along. Already hats off to one of our wonderful Rechargeable Wick Candle suppliers who have removed all bubble wrap from their packaging going forwards!

We are also working towards offering carbon-neutral delivery on all orders, contributing to the circular economy, so do watch this space..

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